The future belongs to those organisations and communities

with the courage to reimagine how to live and work.

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Faster & sustainable impact through smart and actionable acceleration

The way we live and work is built on systems, processes and structures of the past. The demand of resources of these exceeds the carrying capacity of our planet, putting the future of us and our children at great risk. 

We work with adventurous business- and community-leaders that believe a better way is possible — that community and work can be a place of belonging, that business and community strengthen each other, and that innovation can spring from co-creation in design and realisation of a sustainable future.

1. Ideas and Trends Meet Rapid Prototyping

Are you looking for inspiration? You want to explore concrete opportunities from trends and global challenges for your organisation?

We start with your organisation’s challenges and co-create impactful business prototypes that look 12+ month ahead of market.

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2. Build, Validate and Launch

Looking to turn impact prototypes into validated business opportunities?

We help you through co-creative design to turn impact business prototypes into market validated regenerative business models, while building and extending your community.

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3. Funding and Scaling Impact

Working on early-stage and ready-to-launch projects and looking for acceleration?

We focus on impact projects connecting tech, environment and social through co-creation, capital and community. We help putting user needs at the center, driving venture growth and access innovative funding solutions.

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We inspire organisations and people to impact the world. We are strategic design thinkers and doers, united in a single purpose: making your organisation matter at the intersection of global challenges, societal trends and emerging technologies.



Futuring ▶︎ Strategy ▶︎ Impact