We are strategic design thinkers and doers, united in a single purpose: making your organisation matter at the intersection of global challenges, societal trends and emerging technologies.

Simple as that may sound, it is the greatest and most important challenge of today’s very fragmented world. Creating a regenerative future of living requires bold thinking and will see new players disrupt traditional supply chains and business models. To navigate these challenges and grow your impact, you need a strategic partner who knows how to build business over time and impact overnight.



We work at the intersection of global challenges, societal trends and emerging technologies


Humanity is facing a combination of factors that requires a complete re-imagination of the way-we-do-things. The ecological-lifetime of our current way-of-living is now prioritising the agenda-of-living over economical and technical lifetime. The consequence is that we need to transform our way-of-living before 2030, if we do not want to hit a 2 degrees Celsius average temperature rise globally around the year 2038. Only an all-hands-on-deck approach can make this happen. Everyone is part of this.

We believe the future of living will see multiple sectors converging to collectively co-create and build access to a decarbonised, digitalised and democratised way-of-living.

TheValueFactory is dedicated to drive this transition by investing in innovative ideas and initiatives that have the potential to redefine the future of living, helping these pioneers to co-create, accelerate and scale their business and impact.


We believe in co-creation

We partner with organizations leveraging the value factory model to rapidly and systematically launch new businesses. We have learned through firsthand experience that combining the speed of an impact and value focus with the knowledge and scale of an organisation can lead to amazing results.

Work with us

We’re designing the future through exploration, prototyping, venturing and investment.

At TheValueFactory, we bring together a broad network of individuals and member organisations to identify needs, explore emergent concepts, and bring new ideas toward market.



Exp/Impact Sprint

Collaborative Exploration & Design

Exp/Impact work sessions are designed for organisations to inspire collaboration and exploration of the future. You’ll discuss the grand challenges facing your organisation, and co-design solutions through sprints and deep-dive projects. Your team will develop hands-on experience in our co-design innovation process, insights into emerging tech and trends, and opportunities for future growth that can you can take forward toward market. Looking for inspiration or want to execute your own Exp/Impact Sprint?

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Value Incubator

Incubating Impact and Community

People are not short of ideas. The challenge is to grow ideas into great initiatives within a limited timeframe and budget. Let’s work together to test your business ideas and develop the best into a business launch. Or join us as an entrepreneur, start-up in residence or corporate venture in residence. Together we use human centered design, emerging tech and market development to accelerate ideas into impact and ventures.


Value Accelerator

Growing your impact

TheValueFactory’s design-driven scale-up program, partners with early-stage and ready-to-lauch projects and founders through co-creation, capital and community. We focus on impact projects connecting tech, environment and social. We help put user needs at the center and design fitting revenue and funding structures supporting the fulfilment of those needs, thus driving venture growth.

Life at TheValueFactory


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Design, Prototype and Learn

FutureLab and/or Incubation fellowships are a chance to show off and develop your design, tech and business skills cooperating with a diverse group of professionals. Fellowships run frequently for periods of 1 to 8 weeks. Sign up to get notified when applications open for our next “Saving-The-World” sprint.