How we create IMPACT

The Challenge

Collaboration between private sector, its customers including society and public sector for meeting the sustainable development goals and beyond needs to be aligned and accelerated.

Our Vision

We contribute to meeting the sustainable development goals at scale, through an integrated human centered and cascading impact-focussed approach. We build from pioneering into impact scaling by working with business, investors, project developers and users at the same side of the table aiming for big outcomes.

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The Solution

We help our customers to merge their ideas with trends and grand challenges into purpose-driven ambitions meeting impact standards.

We bring together subject matter experts such as exponential technologies, societal impact, science, finance that want to benefit from value-driven initiatives and innovation.

We develop capabilities within our customers to accelerate the growth of impact ideas into big outcomes themselves. This ensures that we can have an even greater impact acceleration.




Partner with us to increase our combined impact!

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Our Innovation Model

At the core of our work is design thinking, system analysis, behavioural assessment & design, innovation & vision impact design, acceleration and valuation.

We strongly believe in building self-sustaining communities, whether that is in a business or societal context, as the motor for accelerating impact.

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Our Values

  • Collective impact responsibility
  • Community-driven innovation relevant to real world challenges
  • Multi-stakeholder engagement and inter-disciplinary collaboration
  • Thought leadership and always learning
  • Commitment and ownership
  • In lifting other we rise

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Our Approach

  • Focus groups work on system and trend analysis, job-to-be-done understanding, problem validation, cascading impact visualisation, value model development, regulatory and impact evaluation
  • Thought leaders are empowered to build with other pioneers
  • The teams are coached into self-sustaining community,  with the capacity to continue its learning and impact acceleration processes.