What is Your Impact Style?


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Personal Impact Style

Are you mainly focussing on analysing what is the issue? Or imagining ideas for immense impact? More a developer of the best applicable solution for impact? Or more an implementor wanting to get started? Getting to know your preferential style how you approach impact and your work not only helps you, but also helps to effectively collaborate with others.

This questionnaire helps you to uncover your impact style. In answering the questions just follow your first feeling and do not overthink.

1. I like testing and revising my impact ideas before coming up with the final solution..
1. Ik test graag mijn ideeën en schaaf ze bij, voordat ik met de oplossing kom.

2. I like taking the time to clarify the exact nature of a problem.
2. Ik neem graag de tijd om een probleem precies te begrijpen.

3. I enjoy taking the necessary steps to put my ideas into action.
3. Ik neem graag de nodige stappen om mijn idee in aktie om te zetten.