Smart-i Organisation Design

The days are over that organisation design was the little brother of strategy making. Today organising capabilities are the basis on which to discover, ideate, validate, and execute new strategic directions. If your organisation is facing a re-organisation again – manoeuvring the lines and boxes of over-dimensioned org charts, sticking to hindering hierarchy structures – you know it’s time to really look at the way work gets done.

How Smart-i are you Organised?

This free assessment helps you calculate the savings you can earn through smart organising.

DIY: Organising Smart in 5 Steps

Learn more on the challenge to start organising smart!

Future Expedition

Build a balanced actionable strategic roadmap for your business and organisation.

Smart-i HR

Design all HR themes to contribute to the strategic goals.

Smart-i Quality

Design quality systems to contribute value to your strategy, rather than drag everyone into endless paperwork.

Keynotes, Workshops

Topics may include:

  • The Purpose Economy
  • The Future of Work
  • Internet-of-Things & Internet-of-People
  • The Future of {your industry}
  • Hack Your Future (workshop)

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