Strategic Partnerships & Venturing

Do you also loose track in all trends like sustainability, social responsibility, People Planet Profit and the like? Much used terms, but what to do with these and how do these terms ensure the relevance of your company for all stakeholders?

The new economy is also called the Purpose Economy. We believe that the impact companies create is a direct effect of the amount of energy employees contribute to the company they work for. Since any human being is most strongly motivated when (s)he feels fulfilling his or her purpose in life, it is the challenge to align individual contributions to the company purpose. In that way the company will be both a magnet to its potential clientele, and have a sustaining business model.

We help companies in clearing their purpose and translating the purpose in actionable steps, so that all employees are aligned on the same shared goals. Making profit is definitely not a taboo, but a necessary ‘by-product’ of doing the good work.